Do you struggle with Depression? Do you feel persistently sad and lack interest in previously rewarding and enjoyable activities? Are you experiencing poor concentration and tiredness?

Why therapy?

The causes of depression are complex and include social, psychological and biological factors.

Often life events, such as childhood trauma, loss or neglect can catalyse the development of depression. Later in life, loss of a job, our health and other factors can also contribute to feeling depressed.

Talking through your experience of depression with a therapist helps. Whether it’s exploring your early childhood - unravelling where negative patterns may have been set up which continue to play out in your adult life – or current stressors which can feel insurmountable, talking with a professional can help to unlock your understanding of your depression and give you tools to work against what can often feel a bottomless pit of blackness.

Is depression just feeling a bit sad?

No. Depression can feel never ending and persistent. It can rob us of joy and connection to those we love and leave us feeling isolated and utterly hopeless.

It may be that you unconsciously turn to depression as a ‘safe place’ to go to when the ‘real world’ feels too frightening. Exploring this with a therapist is often the way back to the light, when depression hits.

Often – with depression – we can find ourselves beating up on ourselves: “I have everything I could possibly want in my life, I shouldn’t be depressed” and other similar internal messages. But that negative self-talk can often be our worst enemy, keeping us locked in our cycle of depression.


How will talking about my depression help? Won’t it just make me feel worse?

Depression is a mental illness which – above all – can make us feel utterly alone. Talking about your experience of depression, sharing your thoughts and feelings when you are stuck in that black hole and allowing someone else to guide you through what you are feeling can be incredibly healing.

You are not alone and a therapist is someone to talk to who will truly listen, understand and honour your personal experience without shaming or dismissing you.

What difference could therapy make?

Therapy can help you to understand why you get depressed and what triggers it, to empower you to look your depression straight in the eye and say “enough”.

Therapy can feel daunting. It takes courage and honesty. But what choice do you have? Would it not be better to face your fears and make that choice to change?

Finding the right therapist and starting that journey towards healing with them can be life-changing, life-enhancing and ultimately will help you to return to the joy and the connection to those that you love, most especially you: you deserve nothing less.